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Investigations – Process Service – Skip Tracing


Criminal, Insurance, Domestic, Civil, Accidents, Surveillance, Financial, Child Support, and much more.

Background Checks

State and National Criminal, Pre-Marital, Nanny, Financial, Address History, and more. Private and Discreet.

Process Service

We serve all legal documents including subpoenas, complaints, and summonses. Attorney services, document retrieval, etc.

Security Division

Access Control, Armed Escorts, Crowd Control, Armed Alarm Response, and much, much more.

Skip Tracing

We’ll locate your Subject. Our clients include Attorneys, Collection Agencies, Process Servers, and Bail Bondsmen.

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D & I Security and Security & Investigation Specialists

D & I Security, Inc., is a Security & Private Investigation firm founded on the principles of integrity, accountability, professionalism, and reliability. This basic ideal is fulfilled by the day-to-day involvement of management. We have been providing exceptional investigative services in the Chicago metropolitan area as well as around the country for over 10 years.

We specialize in Private Investigations, Process Service, and Skip Tracing. D & I Security are the Security & Investigation Specialists – available to take care of all your needs. We’ll develop a plan and method of operation tailor made to your every need. Call us any time at 800-966-3059.

We are a family-owned investigative firm and we employ ONLY exceptional people. Our clientele ranges from corporate headquarters to retail shopping centers to residential communities, private executive level details, and the man or woman next door.  As your investigator, D & I believes that we become your partner in sharing a single goal—protecting your property, personnel, and information. As your partner, our primary focus is not to look for the most profitable way to solve a investigative problem – but to identify the most effective resolution with the best cost-efficiency and resources.

D & I Security, Inc., is also a full-service security company dedicated to serving clients with the highest standards of protective and preventive security and investigation services. Because we are locally owned and backed by experience, we can help you to rest assured with professional, licensed, and trained security personnel. Security & Investigation Specialists will assess your needs and deliver a comprehensive plan and appropriate resources to effectively manage your individual requirements.

We are staffed with a very diverse mix of investigators with unique skill sets and backgrounds including law enforcement, military, professionals, and techies. Nothing but the best.

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