If you have a legitimate need to perform a background check on someone – perhaps a neighbor, teacher, or relative, then we can help.
We will verify their true identity, their age, and verify their SSN. We will also provide up to 30 years of address history, phone numbers, possible prior marriages or divorces, judgments, tax liens, bankruptcies, and real estate holdings. Vehicles depending upon the State. And much more. We will also do a state-wide criminal check. Information provided in 24-48 hours. Call us at 800-966-3059.

The most common types of background checks are for employment or criminal checks. Usually, the Subject will have to give permission to obtain that sort of information, so be careful.

background checksThere is a wide range of types of background checks that can be run.  Criminal, pre-marital, employment, nanny checks, and financial.  It can get confusing, so know exactly what type of information you need and go from there. Criminal history is what most employers are looking for.

Many people think that just because they have no criminal background – they’re home free.  Not the case. Investigators can start asking questions of family and friends – even former employers.