Background Checks

Private Background Check

If you have a legitimate need to perform a background check on someone – perhaps a neighbor, teacher, or relative, then we can help.
We will verify their true identity, their age, and verify their SSN. We will also provide up to 30 years of address history, phone numbers, possible prior marriages or divorces, judgments, tax liens, bankruptcies, and real estate holdings. Vehicles depending upon the State. And much more. We will also do a state-wide criminal check. Information provided in 24-48 hours. Call us at 800-966-3059.

Criminal Background Check

We will search state or nation-wide to check an individual as a possible criminal. This is actually a Private Background Check with the additional criminal filings that may be on the Subject’s record.  Results usually in 24 hours.  Call us at 800-966-3059, or simply fill out our Contact Form. 24 Hour Turnaround Time.

Pre-Marital Background Check

Nanny Background Check

Peace of mind is vital for every family. Before you hire, or even after you hire, check this person out. We will verify the person’s true identity, aliases, and age. We will provide a criminal record check as well. Our report includes tax liens, judgments, bankruptcies, address history, relatives and associates, and social security number and date of birth verification. (Sorry, but if your nanny is from another country, we can not help you). Please give us a call at 800-966-3059, or simply go here for the Contact Form to get started.