Criminal Investigations


As one of the top Private Investigator Companies in Illinois, we fundamentally believe in everyone’s right to the best possible legal defense. Anyone who’s ever been falsely accused of a crime can appreciate our philosophy. And so can their lawyers. Lawyers in Illinois who are looking for an edge over monolithic prosecutorial powers consistently rely upon D & I Security and Security & Investigation Specialists to help establish and build their cases.


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With over 10 years of criminal defense investigative experience, we’re familiar with all of the court systems in the state. We have a firm grasp on the entire legal process of criminal cases. We know what kind of evidence is needed, which witnesses are paramount, and how to gather every fact in a way that survives judicial scrutiny. The most brilliant legal scholar is powerless without supporting facts. We’re here to help anyone who needs the most effective and efficient investigative efforts on behalf of someone charged with a crime.