Domestic Cases


Adoption, Divorce, Cheating Spouses, Child Custody- We can help!

Marriage or relationships can come apart at any time and be one the most difficult circumstances someone can come up against. In the middle of a domestic dispute –  which may include an argument over paternity, a divorce, child custody battle, cheating spouse– it may feel as though you’re all alone in the world. With D & I Security – you don’t have to be. Oftentimes, you just need someone on your  side to act in your best interest and take your side in the matter. That’s where hiring D & I Security and Security & Investigation Specialists can help.

Domestic Cases include but are not limited to:

o       Child Custody & Adoption

o        Infidelity

o        Asset Investigations

At D & I Security, we’ve helped countless clients in their domestic dispute by offering not only a sympathetic ear, but performing high quality surveillance, background checks, asset investigations and more. As private investigators, we will work relentlessly to prove your case, whether it is surveillance, a cheating spouse, proving that the other parent is violating a term of the parenting agreement or showing that the custodial parent is unfit for the role.

To learn more about how we can specifically help in your situation, please call us at 800-966-3059 – or simply fill out our Contact Form and we’ll get in touch right away.. You may be nervous about calling a private investigator, but don’t be. We’ve dealt with almost every situation under the sun and can more than likely shed some light about your case. We will walk you through the steps necessary to remedy your situation, and take proactive steps toward resolving your dilemma.