Insurance Cases


At D & I Security and Security & Investigation Specialists, we handle all types of cases. Criminal defense cases most of the time – but much of our caseload comes in the form of Insurance Investigations.  Oftentimes, we work at the request of insurance companies and the lawyers who represent them in all of their traffic and property cases.

Working with Insurance Companies is challenging, but the rewards are huge. Our expertise and experience comes in handy when dealing with difficult or complex cases. We often perform work on behalf of insurance companies when their own in-house investigators are simply too busy, or when when they need someone local to step in and take over the investigation.

Quite often, our insurance defense cases involve performing surveillance, locating and interviewing witnesses, and performing different types of background research regarding individuals. We’ll always provide you with a very thorough investigative report showing exactly what we’ve accomplished. Again, our work product is unparalleled in Chicago and across the USA.


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