Security Division

Security & Investigation Specialists is a full-service security company dedicated to serving clients with the highest standard of protective and preventive security and investigation services.


D & I Security, Inc., and Security & Investigation Specialists (SIS) is a security firm founded on the principles of integrity, accountability, professionalism, and reliability. This basic ideal is fulfilled by the day-to-day involvement of management.

Our clientele ranges from corporate headquarters to retail shopping centers to private executive level detail. As your security provider, SIS believes that we become your partner in sharing a single goal—protecting your property, personnel, and information. As a partner, SIS’s primary focus is not to look for the most profitable way to solve a security problem but to identify the most effective resolution with the best cost-efficiency and resources.


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Our Capabilities

Security & Investigation Specialists has an established reputation for providing answers to our client’s individual security needs. Some specific items we can provide include the following services:

Trained professional uniformed security officers who are equipped
and motivated.
Security training programs detailed to our client’s environment and
site requirements.
Individualized security surveys and security plans designed for
your facility.
Investigative services including: background checks, executive protection,
process service, and surveillance services.


The Operations Department is at the center of all security agencies. Any security plan’s success or failure depends on how well this department is organized and functions. Security and Investigation Specialists is especially proud of our Operations Department.

Our Vice President and Director of Operations and their staff will work with you to analyze and implement a site-specific security plan for your facility or detail. This plan takes into consideration all the specific needs of your operation. We will develop a program to secure your facility without unnecessarily adversely affecting your personnel, tenants, visitors, or daily operations.

Once the security plan is approved and implemented, Operations Department staff will write your site-specific “Post Orders.” Post Orders provide specific instructions for our site staff and outline the duties required to accomplish your security plan’s goals. Clients will have an opportunity to review the Post Orders and make modifications. Post Orders are not implemented until approved by the client representative.


Hiring Procedures: Security and Investigation Specialists is an equal opportunity employer and always seeks the most qualified individuals regardless of any other existing factors.

Recruitment of new personnel is accomplished through a variety of venues. SIS actively pursues criminal justice students at the local junior colleges in the communities surrounding existing and potential accounts. In addition, we seek to recruit individuals with a military or law enforcement background, since these candidates tend to already display exceptional department and a high level of discipline. We place advertisements in newspapers and related publications in communities where our accounts are located. SIS attempts to place individuals at sites close to their homes to reduce travel time and enhance response time in case of emergency. Field personnel are interviewed, screened, trained, and assigned to sites by the Operations

Department staff



Security and Investigation Specialists strives to recruit and hire the best candidates for our security
staff. As a minimum, each candidate must show proof of the following:


  High School Diploma or GED

  Related job knowledge

  Common sense



  Clear criminal history

  PERC registration with State of Illinois

  Reliable transportation

  People skills

  Cell phone/pager